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How we find WATER LEAKS without busting holes in your walls.

water leakTrying to find a water leak around your home can be very frustrating and can get very expensive... especially if the leak is behind a wall or if it's a roof leak. A plumber can usually fix water leaks very quickly, but it's the actual process to find the water leak that can really cost.

When your paying a plumber, roofer or builder to find a leak, he might need to pull down multiple walls to 'get a better idea' of where the problem is, and to you, that could mean additional money going out of your pocket to replace the wall and it's finishes. Often times, when your plumber/builder is trying to find a leak, they pull down a wall in an area that has nothing to do with the leak source? This kind of process to find a leak simply isn’t required. There’s a much faster and non-destructive way to find a water leak. Leak detection by way of thermal imaging is the key to a fast, neat and tidy leak fix. We can see where the leak is coming from, and where the leak damage ends. After viewing the infrared photos we take, your plumber or builder can go directly to the problem, and not have to tear down your walls in places that aren’t required… saving you money. Moisture and mold will damage the structural integrity of your home and affect the health and well being of you and your family. Contact us for a consultation.


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