What We Do

We use infrared imaging to locate and document thermal anomalies inside and outside your home. We are independent contractors that can offer unbiased insight because we do not sell any other products or services like many of our competitors. We work for you to determine the most effective solutions to your problems.

Thermal Imaging

By helping property owners identify potentially dangerous and costly problems we can save you unnecessary expenses.

What you can expect from the inspection.

If you wish you and the inspector will do the inspection together. You can view the camera from behind him. It takes around an hour to complete.

When he finds something wrong he will explain it and document it with a color and infrared picture in high resolution for the report. You need not take any notes.
He only takes pictures where there are problems. Then places them in the report you will receive next day or two outlining the pictures with a detailed explanation of what he sees.

You have permanent documentation to email to insurance company or another contractor for quotes. The price does not change once he gets there.

In the conclusions page he prioritizes what to do and how to go about doing it in the order that will get you the most bang for the buck.
You are getting an inspector (NOT A SALESMAN) that has hundreds of inspections under his belt and is working for you.

Typical pictures will contain air intrusion, missing insulation, sagging insulation, insufficient insulation, wet or water damage on the other side of the wall. Sources for drafts. Leaks in your heating system duct work. Animals living in the attic and many times mold behind the walls.

What Can You Expect?
We do the following:

• Document and record for future reference location of studs and insulation.

• Identify air leakage energy losses.

• Reduce heating and cooling energy losses.

• Detect poor electrical connection, overloaded circuits and other electrical imbalances.

• Locate missing, improperly installed, wet or damaged insulation in walls, floors and ceilings.

• Locate the source of water leaks without damaging your home

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Thermal Imaging

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